Media and Populism e-Book Available for Download

The first Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication took place from January 11-15, 2019 and was dedicated to the study of “Media and Populism.” We are thrilled to announce that the keynote talks from the inaugural Winter School are now available for download as a free e-Book. In addition to keynote transcripts, the e-Book includes a foreward by Barbie Zelizer and Nelson Ribeiro and an introduction by Jennifer R. Henrichsen. 

“We share this volume in hopes that doing so may help instill better understanding of current conditions related to media and populism worldwide. We hope that it will offset—even if in a small fashion—the recurrent character of so many of today’s troubling developments. By fostering the ongoing discussion of similar and divergent experiences in multiple locations, we hope to help develop the critical skills of a new generation of media and communication researchers, on whose efforts the future of the field rests.”

~Barbie Zelizer and Nelson Ribeiro 

Media and Populism: 1st  Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication