Roundtable: Sex, Power, & Democracy

Speaker(s): Galina Espinoza, Galina Espinoza, Sophie Maddocks

“What Could a Biden-Harris Administration Achieve for Reproductive Rights?”

This event will be held virtually via Zoom. The meeting will go live at 12pm, and participants will be muted on entry. Questions for the Q&A portion should be submitted through the chat function.

About the Event

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court marks a constitutional crossroads in relation to sex discrimination and reproductive rights. While some states are poised to expand provisions, 2020 also saw more anti-choice women elected to congress than ever before. From a Catholic adoption agency in Philadelphia refusing to serve gay families to the Texas legislature ignoring its maternal mortality rates in favor of anti-choice legislation, sex discrimination and reproductive health issues have never been more politicized, under-covered, and vulnerable to misinformation and conspiracy theories. What can America’s increasingly polarized relationship to sex discrimination and reproductive rights tell us about the health of our nation’s democracy? At this contested time, what could a Biden-Harris administration accomplish? This panel brings together Rewire News Group’s Galina Espinoza and Imani Gandy to examine the future of reproductive justice under the next administration and explore what public discourse on sex discrimination and reproductive rights can tell us about the health of American democracy. Moderated by Sophie Maddocks and organized by the Center for Media at Risk, this event is free, virtual, and open to all.

About the Speakers

Galina Espinoza

Galina Espinoza is the president and editor in chief of Rewire News Group, where she leads a team of editors and journalists reporting on reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice. Galina is a 25-year journalism veteran and one of the most prominent Latina voices in media leadership. She brings experience as an editorial director and a journalist covering issues central to RNG, including reproductive health-care access, gender violence, and more.

Imani Gandy

Imani Gandy is Senior Editor of Law and Policy for Rewire News Group, where she covers law and courts and co-hosts the RNG podcast Boom! Lawyered. Imani also began and continues to write the Angry Black Lady Chronicles. She is a recovering attorney turned award-winning journalist and political blogger.

Sophie Maddocks

Sophie Maddocks is a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication and a Center for Media at Risk Steering Committee Member interested in cyber civil rights, gender and sexuality, youth media literacy, and popular culture. Particularly concerned with online gender-based violence, Sophie has produced research on revenge porn, deep fakes, and trolling.

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