Authoritarianism: Power/Resistance

Speaker(s): Melissa Chan, Federico Finchelstein, Keith Gessen, Elizabeth Jelin, Maryam Al-Khawaja, Cas Mudde, Jan-Werner Muller, Farida Nabourema and Maria Ressa

Center for Media at Risk Annual Symposium

How do the media operate in authoritarian states? What obstructs and constrains autonomous media practice? What makes resistance among media practitioners possible? This symposium addressed the many shapes of global authoritarianism as it impedes upon the media, consider forms of resistance common to media practitioners and ponder media futures amidst rising authoritarian trends. Directed by Barbie Zelizer, this all-day symposium took place on Friday, December 6

Symposium photos, videos and transcripts are available now! Authoritarianism: Power/Resistance: Takeaways

Symposium Speakers: Melissa ChanFederico FinchelsteinKeith GessenElizabeth JelinMaryam Al-KhawajaCas MuddeJan-Werner MullerFarida Nabourema and Maria Ressa.

Symposium Student Committee: Megan GenoveseJennifer R. HenrichsenFlorence Madenga and Jeanna Sybert.

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