SummerCulture Art Exhibit Opening

Imagery, Narrative, Propaganda: Artists in the German Democratic Republic

Cornelia Thomsen

How did the arts function as a vital medium in the German Democratic Republic? This exhibition provides insight into the role of artists in political conditions when the state pervasively manages the production of imagery, and where social responsibility is prized over the ability to express oneself  freely and critically. The prints and drawings, from the collection of Monroe Price and Aimée Brown Price, explore how creativity perseveres, even as circumstances tightly channel and restrict voice.

Curated by Monroe Price, Coordinated by Lauren Rosenblum, Talk by Cornelia Thomsen

This event is in conjunction with the SummerCulture 2018 – Berlin Colloquium based on research conducted by Annenberg Ph.D. students during their course Mediating Visual Memory of Conflict, War and Genocide in Berlin Across the Holocaust and the Cold War.


Monday, September 24


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