“La revolución nos mal-cogio”: Politics of Identity and the Left in Central America Today

Co-sponsored Event with Latin American Studies Department

Join us for a part-performance, part-discussion event, featuring Nicaraguan artists Gabriel Miranda and Elyla Sinverguenza (Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at Bucknell University). Their projects intervene in the afterlives of revolutionary Marxism through cochona, transfeminist resistance. With their artistic practices as a starting point, this event will consider the overlaps and tensions between discourses of U.S identity politics and the historical legacies of the Central American Left. They will both contextualize and move beyond the current emphasis on reading Central America through the paradigm of migration in order to think about how the aesthetics and politics of the region problematize mainstream understandings of identity, precarity and revolution.

The event will be in Spanish and English. A reception will follow. Childcare will be provided upon request, please contact bvero@sas.upenn.edu in advance


Friday, February 21, 6:00pm


Annenberg School, Room 500

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